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The Commercial Broker

The commercial broker

The Commercial Broker, Waseet® is part of a network, which has 13 years experience in direct marketing and e-commerce in Egypt. We represent many clients including, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, humanitarian and environmental groups and major sporting clubs, on a direct event basis.




Mobile SMS reach 15 million Egyptian consumers
Internet Ads reach 12 million Egyptian consumers
e-mails reach 10 million Egyptian consumers

The fastest way to reach new customers is the e-commerce!


Direct Marketing

Geographically: Communicate with your customers anywhere
Demographically: Choose your customers you want to target
Socially: Select the category you want to target customers
Behaviorally: Follow your customers according thier behaviors



The Commercial Broker, Waseet® is one of the largest training companies successful in Egypt and the Middle East, specializing in training individuals, companies and institutions in various fields of management, marketing and e-commerce and capital market and performance development!


Waseet Directory

The leading business search engine and business directory designed to help its users find the Factories, Import and Export Companies, Agents, Banks, Hotels, Insurance Companies, and Maritime Companies in Egypt.