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13 years ago and The Commercial Broker, Waseet® continues to version the Egyptian Business Directory evey year in about 400 pages in Arabic and English, contains all the vital areas (such as tourism, petroleum, factories, shipping, trade and import and export .... etc) for the purpose of marketing your products and services through the latest and the best way ad targeted, direct, and with the perspective of a future single, company also owns the largest online directory on the web to ensure that your ad will reach the largest number of customers, so you are guaranteed Dear Customer, Diffusion name your business and open new markets at home and abroad as well as increase the number of your customers.

Thousands of companies throughout the world have benefited from our advanced on the pages of "Waseet® Directory" over half a century.

You also can rely on us and take advantage of your ad in order to increase your earnings do not hesitate to contact us or write us when you want to publish your ads coming in to carve out the help of God and by virtue of our expertise to put a summary of our experiences in service and accomplish what you did not accomplished by one ..