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effective digital marketing
About Us

Background of our company

The Commercial Broker, Waseet® is part of a network, which has 13 years experience in direct marketing and e-commerce in Egypt. We represent many clients including, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, humanitarian and environmental groups and major sporting clubs, on a direct event basis.

We are in effect, electronic and human commercials for our various clients. Not only is our aim customer acquisition but also constant positive exposure of our clients throughout event sites.

What you will see is the type of impact and exposure that is created for our clients, including:

• Creating massive exposure.
• Increasing customer base.
• Increasing turnover.
• Creating cost effectiveness.
• Excellent customer services.
• Dedicated team effort.

Our goal for our organization is simple, to continue our growth and expansion by developing people within our organization, and educating them in all facets of our business. Throughout your visit you will gain an understanding and insight to our procedures, philosophies and the opportunities available to you.